Drop Ship Program

Save Time and Money with our Drop Ship Program

As part of our extensive programs to help our distributors succeed, SCN offers a drop ship program to all our distributors at no extra charge.

Ship directly to your customer without having to pay for duplications in freight costs and without any handling on your end! SCN’s blind drop ship capabilities allows us to drop ship to your customer with no mention of SCN Industrial on the packing slip, in fact all paperwork will have your name and details on the packing slip.

We offer different options for customization of packing slips depending on your organization’s particular needs. Take a look at our options.

If you are already a part of the Drop Ship program and would like to change your quarterly Header and Footers, go to our update page.

NOTE: If your organization is already providing SCN Industrial with custom packing Slips when shipping to your customers, please note that as of November 1, 2018, we will be implementing a $25.00 fee per order for this service.

Packing Slip Options

1. Basic Packing Slip

  • Free of charge for all distributors
  • This is already offered to all our distributors for drop ships. No need to register for this option.
  • Company name only printed on the packing slip
  • No labeling from SCN Industrial
  • Available in black print only
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SCN Packing Slip

2. Personalize Header and Footer

  • $400 set up fee
  • Add your company logo and messaging on the header and footer
  • Messaging can be changed on a quarterly basis. $75.00 per change.
  • Available in black print only
  • Header/Logo Size (W x H): 1000px x 217px
  • Footer size (W x H): 2354px x 479px
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SCN Packing Slip

3. Personalize complete format of the packing slip

  • $1,500 set up fee
  • Personalize the complete look of your packing slip
  • Provide us with a sample layout and we will duplicate it
  • Messaging can be changed on a quarterly basis. $75.00 per change
  • Available in black print only
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SCN Packing Slip

4. Personalize complete format of the packing slip, product numbers and product descriptions

  • Quoted on Application
  • Really make this your own!
  • Addition of your part numbers and descriptions makes orders seamless to your customer no matter who ships it.
  • Available in black print only
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SCN Packing Slip

5. Provide us with your own packing slip

  • $25.00 per order
  • Provide us your own packing slip to include with drop ship orders.
  • PDF electronic version required

Quarterly Customization Options

  • $75.00 per change, one change per quarter.
  • Change messaging to your customers based on seasonal products, special events or greetings for the holidays. Whatever you would like to get across to your customer, we can change up your messaging quarterly.

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Not sure which option to choose, or have any other questions? Contact us.

Order Your Customized Packing Slip

General Information

Packing Slip Selection

Select the packing slip type.

Upload Your Files

Please upload your files. Required file formats: .png or .jpg in black and white.

Maximum upload file size: 2MB

For the Personalize Header and Footer, please upload the following:

  • Your header or logo in black and white. Maximum size: 1000px x 217px
  • Your footer in black and white. Maximum size: 2354px x 479px

For the Personalize complete format please upload the following:

  • A sample of your packing slips in black and white
  • Your logo in black and white

TIP: If you have both English and French customers, you may want to upload a bilingual version of your files (logo, header/footer).

Optional Header and Footer Change

Would you like your header and footer changed? $75.00 per change, only once per quarter.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting this form, you agree to:

  1. Payment of setup fees
  2. Quarterly payments for the customization options should you use the feature