Personalized Online Catalogue Solution


A responsive design ensures the delivery of different user experiences to desktop, tablet and mobile devices while maintaining the same HTML and URL structure. In other words, the website shrinks or grows according to the device. Responsive design seems to be Google’s recommended design pattern. It may also lead to improvement in crawling efficiency that can indirectly help Google index more of your site’s content and keep it appropriately fresh.

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New and expanding product selection daily! No hassle maintenance!

SCN provides you with thousands of brand name product /index/images, attributes and detailed specifications all maintained daily by a team of product managers & data management experts.

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Whether you prefer to display a live feed exact inventory on-hand or simply use the words In Stock, list price or just a basic product description is all up to you!

SCN has 6 BASIC templates to suit your needs, with or without a cart.

Version 1: Basic

Version 2: Availability Flag

Version 3: Availability

Version 4: Price and Availability Flag

Version 5: Price and Availability

Version 6: Price

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Custom Pricing

Pricing is based on our market research and is fairly relevant to market trends.

In order to account for your own geographical and industry trends, pricing may be modified using a percentage increase or decrease to reflect what you would like your customers to see as your price.

Seasonal Pricing

Pricing on seasonal products such as fans, heaters, winter clothing and others; may be more competitive during the high selling period of the product. Our seasonal pricing will reflect the competitive market price for these seasonal products during the selling season. The seasonal price of the products is shown in Red and Bold.

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Banner ads advertise specific categories of products to your customers by linking them to the best-sellers and best stocked items. Existing customers will see not only what they may be used to buying from your organization, but the banners offer a great opportunity to showcase what other product categories they can purchase all on the same order.

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Registration and login option offer a more secure environment for you and your customers. The benefit to the customer is it makes for an easier, faster and more accurate visit to your website and streamlines the checkout process. For your organization, gathering the customer data is invaluable. It increases customer visits to the site while increasing customer retention.

Offering incentives to your customers to create a login is a great way to increase customer retention.

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Customers create orders that will be directly sent to your sales team via email! Provide your customers with the option of creating a cart and sending it directly to you. Not only will your sales team receive a detailed email of the request, the customer will also receive a custom descriptive confirmation email to assure that their request is being processed. What could be easier?

*These screenshots are examples only and can be customized.

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Receive upon request in-depth Google® analytics on what your customers are searching for allowing you to strategize your own custom advertising links on your corporate website pages.

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With technology being an ever evolving field, SCN works very closely with their in-house Web and IT Departments. This team is dedicated to constant improvements & enhancements to user functionality.

Our customer's personalized online catalogue are hosted by SCN using SCN's infrastructure saving you time and money in costly technology investments.

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