Content Licensing Program

Looking to increase the number of SKU’s you can sell on your website? How does over 135,000+ of the best selling products to Canadian industries sound?

In today’s ever changing market place, an online presence is a necessary venue to have in order to stay competitive. SCN Industrial knows that content is king when trying to develop an online market place to interact with end users. This is why we are pleased to offer you our Content Licensing Subscription program.

How the Program Works

The Annual Subscription allows authorized distributors to license SCN Industrial rich content, including images & copy (titles, bullets, attributes) for over 135,000 products for use on your proprietary website. This allows you to promote and sell more products from the industry’s leading brands, with the added benefit of being able to also source the products through SCN.

Bilingual (English and French) content will be password protected on the SCN Industrial website; ensuring only authorized distributors have access.

Content will be available in Excel, XLSX and CSV formats, plus access to high-resolution images.

The content licensing agreement must be signed and submitted before access to content is granted.

Benefits of the Program

  • Gain access to content for over 135,000 products, allowing you to increase the SKU count on your website very quickly.
  • The opportunity to source all products through SCN, eliminating the need to search for multiple product suppliers if you were to deal with a company that is exclusively a content provider.
  • Regular updates. By signing up for SCN's program you will receive quarterly updates on new product additions, allowing you to add the latest products to your website on a regular basis.
  • These quarterly updates will also include notification of the removal of discontinued products, as well as any corrections that may be needed to specs on individual SKUs.
  • Licensing content annually through our subscription program eliminates the 25% annual obsolescence in product data vs buying content on a one time basis.

By signing up to this program you will have unlimited access to this content and the ability to include this content on your website for a period of one year from the date of the start of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the content licensing subscription?

The annual cost to become a licensed distributor is $5,995.00 plus taxes, which comes to approximately $0.05 per SKU based on a SKU count of 130,000 products.

Can I resell the content to my customer?

No. All content is the intellectual property of SCN Industrial and may not be used or resold in any way. The specific restrictions for the use of content are laid out in the Content Licensing Agreement.

How long does it take to access my content?

Once your request has been reviewed and approved, you will have access to all the content within one business day after the agreement has been signed.

What happens when my one year subscription comes to an end?

You have the option between renewing your subscription for another year, or immediately ceasing all use of the content in any way, including the distribution of print materials.

Can you set up my content for me?

Yes! SCN offers a turn-key solution for your online presence by creating and managing an online catalog for you, including SSL certificates, a functional cart and a secure login feature. Click here to learn more about our Personalized Online Catalogue solution!

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