In today’s ever changing market place where online sourcing is rapidly taking over conventional avenues, SCN Industrial knows that content is king when trying to develop an online market place to interact with end users.

In order to assist our customers, SCN industrial is now launching our new Content Licensing/Subscription program.

Content Licensing Program

Looking to increase the number of SKU’s you can sell on your website? How does 98,000 of the best selling products to Canadian industry sound?

Our new content licensing program allows you to do just that, promote and sell more products from the industry’s leading brands, with the added benefit of being able to also source the products through SCN.

SCN Industrial’s content licensing program allows authorized distributors the opportunity to access images and rich content for over 98,000 products for use on your proprietary website.

Content Licensing Program

How the program works

Content will be available in Excel, XLS, XLSX and CSV formats, plus access to high-resolution images.

For a sample of content, images and associated information that is part of this program:

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Preview Sample Images


Benefits of program

By signing up to this program you will have unlimited access to this content and the ability to include this content on your website for a period of one year from the date of the start of the program.

To have someone contact you to discuss this program:

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