Catalogue Program

SCN Industrial is your one-stop Canadian source for catalogues that allow you to increase your sales. Each of our catalogues allows you to promote a wide-range of products from the industry's leading brands to your customers.

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Personalize Your Catalogue

SCN's catalogue program gives you the opportunity to print your company information on the covers of each book. We offer 3 cover options for you to choose from, and the opportunity to add your own insert pages to the front and back of the catalogues. The number of catalogues that need to be purchased to allow for your own inserts varies by book. Please contact us for details on the one that interests you.

To request more information about the SCN Industrial Catalogue Program, please fill in this form and our Programs team will contact you.

Quarterly Flyer Program

SCN Industrial's Flyer Program gives you the opportunity to promote a wide range of best selling Material Handling, Safety and Shop Essentials products to your customers, at a fraction of what it would cost you to produce and print a similar promotional piece on your own.

Select The Product Category You Want To Focus On (click on a cover for details)

Features of the SCN Flyer Program include:

We Can Mail It For You!

A challenge distributors sometimes face is the ability to make sure their flyers reach all their customers. Let us help you with this! SCN has our own internal mailing house. Let our SCN-Programs team help you distribute your flyers to your customers. We can work with you to mass mail flyers to areas around your sales territory, or we can mail to specific accounts that you want to target. We also can include other flyers that you may want to send out along with those you purchase from us. We would be pleased to help you create a mailing campaign to reach existing and new customers. Ask us how!

To request more information about the SCN Industrial Quarterly Flyer Program, please fill in this form and our Programs team will contact you.

Pre-Priced /index/flyers

PPG Program

Our PPG Program puts you in the driver's seat!

Pick the offer you want to use, Price and date it as you like, and away you Go.

You can print the flyer to hand out to your customers, email it to them, or put it on your website, all at the price you want, for the time period you want.

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National Stocking Warehouses

Over 25 millions dollars of inventory spanning over 350 000 sq.ft. of national distribution warehouse space dedicated to filling your customers requests everyday. State of the art RF technology allowing for 99.7 % order picking accuracy, makes SCN an ideal choice as your national wholesale source to provide the quickest turnaround possible on all your orders.

Over 400 000 Products

Widest range of Industrial products in the country!

SCN Industrial offers Distributors the widest range of Industrial products in the country. Think of us as your Ultimate Industrial Products "Convenience Store" with access to 400 000 items, 30 000 stock products at your fingertips every day!

Become a Distributor

"I'm sold on how SCN can help me grow my business. Let's go!"

If you are an established business and would like to become a distributor of SCN Industrial's products and programs, please download our Request for Reseller Status and Credit Application form. Once complete, simply e-mail or fax them to 1-877-807-7775 (514-457-2825).

Do you have questions?

If you would like to know more about becoming a distributor of our products and programs, contact us to discuss any questions that you may have before signing up. SCN Industrial reserves the right to only open accounts for industrial distributors that will become on going purchasers of our products and marketing programs.

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